Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aphorism Twenty-Nine; (One of a Series; Collect the Whole Set!)

"I don't know if I'll ever write another song again."

Paul Kelly to me, May 1997, in his "music room" in St.Kilda, Melbourne (the actual music room being the shed, of course). (Of course.)
From the interim dry spell, eight albums or so, with toss-offs, thrown-aways, and fake-outs like:
"Little Kings"; for sake of aphoristic brevity, allegedly, the only one I'll lyric-ize: ("I'm so afraid for my country/There's an ill wind blowing no good/So many lies in the name of history/They want to improve my neighbourhood/In the land of the Little Kings/There's a price on everything/And everywhere the Little Kings are getting away with murder/In the land of the Little Kings/Profit is the only thing/And everywhere the Little Kings/Are getting away with murder/I was born in a lucky country/Every day I hear the warning bells/They're so busy building palaces/They don't see the poison in the wells/In the land of the Little Kings/Profit is the only thing...")
"If I Could Start Today Again";
"The Oldest Story In The Book";
"Won't You Come Around?";
"Song of the Old Rake"'
"God Told Me To";
"I'll Be Your Lover Now";
"My Way Is To You";
"Nothing On My Mind";
"You Broke A Beautiful Thing";
"Words & Music";
and perhaps two or three others.

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