Friday, December 5, 2008

Aphorism Twenty-Four & A Half (One & A Half of a Series; Collect the Whole Set)

Ok, so girl-genius Kate can apparently hurl pearls like this at will:
"Takest thou a job in haste; enjoy thy redundancy at leisure."

Dang! I wish I'd said that! Though in fact, as intellectual property law is generally applied (which is to say until somebody actually bothers to drag you into court), and certainly in the context of slack and slipshod Euro-copyright, well, I basically consider that I did say it.

The other one, at least as genius-esque, began, as best I remember:
"'Tis better not to hunger for applause, lest...." and there was a "redundant" in there too. (But that would be redundant, wouldn't it?) Anyway, when I eventually remember it, and I will, I'll likely claim that one too.

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